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10 Things to Think About When Using Email Marketing

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Personalized content

Customizing your content continues to be a way to show you care about your audience. This is the year that marketers finally embrace smart, sophisticated customization and personalization. This boosts relevance, which is key to getting opens, clicks, and conversions.

Meaningful content

No longer send direct sales promotion emails. Don’t stick to the on-paper benefits. Talk about how the product goes beyond functional benefits. Talk about how it will change their lives. Talk about how it has been made with love and care. Finding meaning starts with brand strategy, and results in meaningful content, including emails that touch the heart, stimulate the brains, excite, and engage.

Empathetic content

Not being empathetic and genuine will leave your brand behind given the volume of content competition. Even automated emails should adjust for tone given consumers are in a vulnerable state thanks to the pandemic

AMP technology

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP), a Google-supported open-source technology, significantly increases load speed, improving the viewer’s mobile experience. Expect to see more people using AMP for email alongside interactive HTML for a better interactive strategy and results.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence

Brands of all kinds are bound to make greater use of AI and machine learning) for constructing emails. AI-powered content recommendations and send time optimization (STO) can help you deliver emails quicker and better.

Augmented reality will change the game with virtual storefronts, trials, and in-mail purchasing experiences.

Dynamic elements

Natalie Rockall, email marketing consultant at Eleven11 Digital Limited, sees more images and less text in emails for many industries, especially travel and hospitality.


Automated emails being the future for e-commerce brands. Automated emails formed only 2% of all emails sent, but attracted 29% of all email orders. Expect more welcome messages, cart abandonment messages, and product abandonment messages will be automated for the best results.

Data privacy

GDPR was just the beginning. He expects email providers themselves to implement even stricter consent and opt-in policies. It would be wise to take steps now to figure out the best way to motivate your audience to eagerly opt-in to receive your content.

Dedicated email marketing experts

The paradigm change in the quantity and quality of email means email marketing experts and specialists should be key members of any marketing team.

Credit - Kevin George Content Marketing

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