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There is no silver bullet for your lack of leads & growth! And, why I hate all viral video ads on FB

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

“Hey (insert target job role here), I know you are facing (insert pain point here), if you don't correct this then there will be a catastrophic outcome (insert disaster here).”

“We are your (chirpy, upbeat, smug, hipsters / trying to be hipsters) marketing ‘Guru’s’ and we’re going to explain how we made many theoretical millions of $ by doing these amazing HACKS…. “

“Here, have some free stuff that you won't use, and then buy our expensive stuff that probably won't work, however, we will work hard to confused you just enough so that we do not have to refund you... guaranteed!”

“Act now, as our bull**** is only available for 10 nanoseconds…”

I have reached saturation point... there are no shortcuts, no hacks, no secrets.

Do your due diligence, gain senior leadership buy-in, understand your target market, curate an engaging inspirational content strategy that informs, delights, and aligns to your values and propositions. Then once your prospect universe opts-in to the discussion and you have identified buying signals, you can begin to offer a solution that's right for them.

No shortcuts, no hacks, there are no ‘new rules’ for marketing, just follow these steps.

  1. Gain senior leadership - to drive cultural change across departments

  2. Know your audience - conduct primary and secondary research to validate perceptions and gain gap analysis

  3. Provide content with value - create a regular flow of assets that resonate with your audience

  4. Create an opt-in community - peer to peer learning for shared experiences and true thought leadership

  5. Deliver personalised solutions - that fit the needs of the audience

  6. Don't give up - Continue to understand, support and evolve with the ever-changing needs of your audience.

Not sure where to start, or feel you've been heading in the wrong direction, reach out and we can chat. connect@agencyondemand

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