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How to WIN in a CRISIS!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

To regurgitate every-current piece of content out there - things are super sh*t, business and people are in the toilet. However things will get better. It’s just a matter of when. We may not come back the same, but we will survive and recover and here's some short tips on how you can come out on top.

  1. Time To Invest - markets have crashed but that could be a positive! Stock values are super low, but take a look at who is killing it. Think about firms that will benefit from high surging traffic, engagement and subscriptions: zoom, Square, Shopify, Netflix etc

  2. Use the Banks - Interest rates are shot - now is the time to act as it’s like the January Sales at the bank. Refinance your personal loans, mortgages etc and use the extra capital to stay afloat or invest.

  3. Funding Wave - People still have money to invest and the bank’s aren't going to provide decent returns. Companies investing in commercial property or start-ups could expect big personal finance backing if this is marketed correctly. Focus on the potential returns that will be more lucrative then it sitting on a zero % saving or pension fund.

  4. Triple D’s - Deaths, Divorces and Desperation - I’m not proud of this one, but: when the s*** hits the fan this creates great opportunity! People will bond, people will break as will their businesses, so look out for your latest acquisition of property or sector diversification - grim but true.

  5. People Are Bored and starving for things to do, just waiting to consume. Now is the time to create a powerful content play and capitalise on people's influx of time. Don't be scatter gun, create a strategy and content calendar, whilst making sure to use mixed media (mainly video). Don't go mad, make it sustainable. Now is the time to grow a following, build awareness, create an opt-in, engaged community. This can then be monetised at a later date

Stop scrolling, remain positive, help where you can and get building!

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